The men

The men who combine Meunier

    • The Champagne Dom Caudron vine growers use an integrated culture process in one area: the village of Passy-Grigny. You will be whisked away to the instantly recognisable and elegant terroir of Passy-Grigny when you taste Champagnes Dom Caudron.

The grape harvest

a timeless reunion

The grape harvest is ten days of togetherness and reunion: all the vine growers come together around the press center. In the Champagne Dom Caudron vat house you’ll find juice categorised by grape variety, maturity and terroir. Accurate work can be carried out on the wine during the blending after Passy-Grigny’s different vineyards have been profiled.

Aside from being a chance to celebrate the end of a year of work together, it’s also an opportunity for wine lovers to go behind the scenes of Champagne Dom Caudron production. Activities punctuate the harvest. The world stops spinning and the time of Dom Caudron returns to the present day!


a combination of techniques

Dedication from the vine growers and team of Champagne Dom Caudron has made it possible to put different blends together by categorising winemaking by terroir.

Everything is monitored throughout the year: methods are adapted to express the terroir in the vineyards and the tanks are checked to reveal the full potential of future champagnes.

Tasting the base wine is a highlight when you discover future wine from the year’s harvest and reunite the entire team of Champagne Dom Caudron. At this crucial time, the blend takes shape and the decision is made about how Meunier is to be combined.